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    Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

    View: So whats the music ? I dont care about the vocals but the instrumental background music. Especially the theme remix
  2. M

    Old Dads

    Anyone know the song playing in the background during the new Netflix movie with Bill Burr called Old Dads View:
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    Life on Our Planet

    View: Does anyone recognize the score/music from this trailer? Thanks!
  4. E

    Cunk on Earth

    Hi, Can anyone identify the famous classical music that's playing in the background in the episode of 'Cunk on Earth 3. The Renaissance Will Not Be Televised', between time code 09:36 and 09:54? The show is viewable on iPlayer, where I'm watching it, and on Netflix too from what I've heard...
  5. S

    Young Wallander

    Hey lovelies I am desperately looking for the track played in the nightclub during the day in SEASON 2 EPISODE 1 when Wallander goes to investigate the hit and run. please help me out. i tried shazam. wouldn't work. SHOW NAME : YOUNG WALLANDER thanks in advance i owe you
  6. W

    The Mother (2023)

    View: Mother Trailer "Wolf" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
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    The Gray Man

    View: What is all of the music ?
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    I need some help finding the music in the first half of this trailer It's really catchy and I just can't find it. Lucifer Season 2 Part 2 View:

    The Crown

    View: Joseph Trapanese - "Quantum"
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    The Adam Project

    View: The Adam Project Teaser Trailer "Oracle" - Jacob Yoffee (Score A Score)
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    Enola Holmes

    Trailer "Kill Them All" - Colossal Trailer Music "Celebrity Skin" - Hole
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    How to Fix a Drug Scandal

    What's the epic violin music in the trailer above? Sounds very familiar and classic.
  13. H

    Horse Girl Trailer Music

    Begins at 1:09, I am dying to figure out what this piece is called
  14. D

    Money Heist

    Hello everyone,, So I was looking for some good TV shows to watch and this show Money Heist on Netflix was recommended on several posts. I just finished watching the show yesterday and holy shit this is the most overrated hot shit on Netflix. People are comparing this to Breaking Bad? Seriously...
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    Was hoping someone knew what song was used in this trailer for Maniac?
  16. R

    Lost in Space

    Anyone knows the music used in the trailer
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    Death Note

    Teaser "10 Inch Nails" - AudioMachine
  18. A


    Hi - anyone know the second song in this? Thanks!
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    Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Does anyone know the music in this teaser for the Netflix adaptation of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events?
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    Stranger Things

    Can anyone tell me what song it is in this motion poster Netflix posted on facebook for Stranger Things?