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    2010 Toyota Camry and Corolla

    Does anyone know the Artist/Title of the song in the new 2010 Camry and Corolla commercial? It starts of with either a keyboard or synthesizer (kind of like Postal Service's song "Such Great Heights"), then the drums kick in, finally an overdriven bass guitar. I know it's not much to go on...
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    2007 Toyota Camry Hyrbid

    I saw a new (well what I'm assuming is new, I did a search for hybrid and read through about 20 threads, none of which seemed to mention this) ad for the Hybrid tonight right after I saw 24. I only caught the end of it, but it was an instrumental piece, no lyrics, uptempo piano-driven music. I...
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    2005 Toyota Camry

    I have no idea what model car or car company this as was selling. I can't even really remember what the visuals were. My only description is that if you've seen this commercial, the song is probably stuck in your head right now. It has an intoxicatingly catchy hook. The singer is definitely a...
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    2004 Toyota Camry

    The commercial is for a new toyota (i think) a dad is driving his punk daughter wherever, she inserts a cd and in steadof turning it off, the dad cranks it. The the commentator says something about being pround of your new toyota sound system. any ideas?