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I have no idea what model car or car company this as was selling. I can't even really remember what the visuals were. My only description is that if you've seen this commercial, the song is probably stuck in your head right now. It has an intoxicatingly catchy hook. The singer is definitely a girl. A young one probably. The vocal tracks might've been layered over one another or it could be a group of girls singing at the same time. As I said, if you've seen the commercial you're singing the chorus as you read this. Any ideas?
Does anyone know the music in the 2005 Toyota Camry commercial? It features a girl driving from Texas to Los Angeles. She's in a red camry.
It's a woman singing. Some lyrics are (I think)..."go and be what I've never been, gonna go and see what I've never seen..." I don't really know the genre. It's upbeat and there's lots of harmonizing. The girl who sings is a bit out of tune, kind of like the voices of the singer of The Donnas, but not that heavy of a music sound.
I think it's the same commercial I'm talking about. If it is, it's for the Toyota Camry. Your description sounds alot like the commercial I saw. It features a girl driving and the music is mesmerizing. It all harmonizing and a bit off tune. The car is red and the girl in the commercial is young with longer reddish sort of hair. The girl in the commercial reminded me of Lindsay Lohan. Is this the same commercial? If it is, I'm also trying to find out who sings that song. :D
I was wondering about that song, too. It sounds a bit like Innocence Mission / The Sundays but more rockin' -- kind of pixiesh female vocalist with pianos, guitars, etc. I haven't found the ad online anywhere.
A user named Mango sent me the following info:

Hi there i was just reading the comments and questions on the toyota camry commercial..it is sung by angela mccluskey and also co written by her as a real song not a jingle...my friend works with her.

They didn't have any info on the song's title... But you can visit her website here.

Hope that helps.
There should be laws against using songs that you can't get...
darn marketing schmucks!
car ads always have the best music and now they're not making them available to the public - what the hell?!

by the by, i'm mightily impressed that you guys got this far with a thread that basically started off as "i'm looking for a song from an ad...that's all the details i know" (yeah i'm paraphrasing a little here) - it's a testament to the power of forums and the internet!
The girl does look like Lindsay Lohan. She starts out in Texas leaving her friends behind and is teary-eyed and goes to L.A. or somewhere. She washes her car at one point. There are words like "going to meet the world" or something, I dunno, I'm sure you'll all see it soon and someone will know the answer.
OK, now the Toyota "Tire" ad uses a Fisher song but if you do a forum search you'll find the string I started on it.

As it turns out a member of the band responded and said that the song would be out on a new CD early 05 I think…check the other string.

As for the other ad, I think it is an ad for the Camry SE. This is the one with a young woman driving around in a new red Camry. I'd like to know the song in this one too.

All the new Toyota ads fall under the Moving Forward category…it is their new tag line.


What's the song from that new camry se commercial. It's got a girl driving and then she washes her car. It's a girl singing. What's the band? Thank you!!!

It's the "California Dream" commercial. The lyrics are "I really miss you...." and it's a grunge rock song by a female singer.
I havn't seen the commercial for a while, but it's a car commercial, I don't remember for what. The song has female vocals. Some of the lyrics are "Stings like hell" and "coming out of my shell." The story line for the commercial is kind of about a girl moving away from home and her life changing. Any help would be appreciated.
Does anyone know where to find the song "Get on the Road?" It's not on her new album.
I saw a new Toyota Camry SE commercial that had this woman leaving her home and driving a red Camry across the country. Some of the lyrics I caught from the song were:

I think you know it's time for me to lose myself

Going to be who I've never been
Going to see What I've never seen

It was a really cool female voice and the song was kind of slow to start but picked up later on and got more powerful. I have searched all over the net, lyrics sites, and even this website and I can't find out what the song was anywhere.

Too bad it isn't available. It is such a pretty song. I wish I could find a download of the commerical or something.