2013/2014 airline or hotel commercial


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I remembered watching something on Hulu a few years back and you know how they have a set of commercials for whatever your watching within that time ? Well it was either an airline or hotel commercial and I want to say more so a hotel commercial because it was someone getting in late and then making a statement about how they’ll always greet you. May have been Marriot ? But they had a really cool “chill” type song. It ALMOST sounded like the song they use in Shane the Virgin. The sentimental song by Jared forman, but it’s not. It had some vocal. Kind of sounded like bushes. I remember finding it on YouTube because I was able to Shazam it and it just had a background for the video and it was similar to the backgrounds used for chill soul and “chill nation and those YouTube Channels.

Unfortunately I had created a new YouTube account I think between then and now and don’t have it in my history anywhere and same for my Shazam since I’ve gone through a few phones since then.

I hope somebody can help me!! It’s driving me bananas. I don’t even remember what the songs were that were sang. So that’s not helping either.
LOL! It was a hotel commercial! I feel like I know what song you're talking about, but I can't recall the name. Ah, it's driving me crazy cause I genuinely feel like I know the song. I'll hum it to my wife, and maybe she'll remember. Fingers crossed!