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    2013/2014 airline or hotel commercial

    I remembered watching something on Hulu a few years back and you know how they have a set of commercials for whatever your watching within that time ? Well it was either an airline or hotel commercial and I want to say more so a hotel commercial because it was someone getting in late and then...
  2. D

    Hulu Fall show lineup

    Just wondering if anyone knows the title of the song or even the group that sings the song on the new Hulu Fall line up shows. It's been running since Sept 2017
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    Could someone help me with this ad? I cannot find it on YouTube, but I have seen it more than enough times while watching Hulu. It is similar to their "The Finales are Just the Beginning" format, but where all the show characters are dancing around to a really simple, poppy kind of tune...
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    Hulu Plus "Mother Up"

    Ok guys and gals, I have created an account here specifically to pick your brains for this one particular song! lol I came across this "song" in a hulu plus commercial for Mother Up around 6 months ago and since have not been able to find any info pertaining to who wrote it, performs it...
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    Hulu The Criterion Collection

    Does anyone know what music is used in the Hulu Plus/Criterion Collection ad?
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    Hulu Plus

    Does anyone know anything about the music for the internet Hulu Plus ad. Its the one about all the cool little known films.