1. B

    2013/2014 airline or hotel commercial

    I remembered watching something on Hulu a few years back and you know how they have a set of commercials for whatever your watching within that time ? Well it was either an airline or hotel commercial and I want to say more so a hotel commercial because it was someone getting in late and then...
  2. E

    Aria Resort and Casino

    The new "words will fail you" ad for the soon-to-open Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas just came out and it features a solo piano work that struck my fancy. I've tried checking the hotel's website and some other places but can't find anything to go on. Does anyone know if the piece is...
  3. J

    Hyatt "You're More Than Welcome"

    I just saw a new Hyatt hotels commercial titled "Youre more than welcome" and i must find out the song in it, anyone know?
  4. jca

    Relax at Doubletree

    The Hilton Hotel corporation promises you will be "calm. cool. relaxed." in a TV commercial for their DoubleTree Hotels chain. The jazzy song swaying its way throughout the new "Branches" DoubleTree commercial is Dinah Washington's "Relax Max" (iTunes). Featuring animated leaves sprouting scenes...
  5. K

    Doubletree Hotels "Branches"

    Doubletree Hotels "Branches" Just saw a new commercial for Doubletree Suites that shows some branches sprouting leaves and the music is a bit like jazz. Lyrics include these phrases: ...your nerves are like jumping jacks ...stay cool ...take it easy that's the rule Any idea as to song and...
  6. R

    Choice Hotels "I've Been Everywhere"

    I've got a bundle of money bet on the motel commercial with johnny cash's song I've been everywhere man. A friend say's that it is johnny cash's song but that he isn't singing it on the commercial. I say B.S. that's his voice for sure! Any way to tell for sure?