Choice Hotels "I've Been Everywhere"


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I've got a bundle of money bet on the motel commercial with johnny cash's song I've been everywhere man.
A friend say's that it is johnny cash's song but that he isn't singing it on the commercial. I say B.S. that's his voice for sure!
Any way to tell for sure?
the ad i remember hearing with his song in it was definitely cash's version... however, i don't remember what the ad was for... it's probably the same one you're thinking of. maybe it was orbitz or something like that?
i think it is!! but i'm no expert!!! anyway, i've got the album with that song on it!!!
Yeah, it was orbitz or some hotel chain but I do remember the commercial and it definitely was Johnny Cash. It's an older tune so his voice might not have had the level of "tremolo" that his later stuff had. That may be what threw your friend off...