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I am new here and I did a couple of searches on this subject and came up empty-handed, so, I wil ask................

While watching the NCAA Finals today (Sunday, March 28, 2004) between Kansas and Georga Tech I kept seeing this commercial for Choice Hotels International (Comfort Inn/Suite Hotels, Econo Lodge, Rodeway, etc.) that had some really good music in it.

The music sounded a lot like Johnny Cash, however, I am not quite sure if it is Johnny Cash or not. If I am correct, I think that the chorous of the music that I heard in the commercial went something like "I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere man!".

Does anyone here know what song it is exactly and who sings it?

Well, after searching with some other software of which I cannot mention on this forum I found that I was correct. The name of the song is "I've been everywhere" by Johnny Cash. I believe that the origional version of the song was done by Hank Snow (If I am wrong, someone please corret me).

Sorry Michelle,

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Does anybody know the name of the person who sings the song "I've Been Everywhere Man"? It's been in a commercial with a couple traveling all over the US to cities with European and Asian was also in the movie Flight of the Phoenix during the beginning credits. Thanks!
hey guys....
whats the song used in the choice hotels commercial ? ....the last few words are "I've been everywhere man.....i've been everwhere"......

oh and if I'm not wrong ......its country music.