Hyatt "You're More Than Welcome"


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I just saw a new Hyatt hotels commercial titled "Youre more than welcome" and i must find out the song in it, anyone know?
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I'm also trying to find this song. I looked through all of Malcom McClaren's stuff on iTunes and I couldn't find it, so it's either a new song by him or it's by someone else...
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Okay, so this is the most interested I have ever been in finding a song in my life, so I decided to do a little bit more digging. I found that this commercial was not created by Hyatt's own advertising branch, who worked with Malcom McClaren a while ago, but by an outside agency, BBDO New York. After that, I went to the BBDO website trying to find email information but came up empty. There is however a phone number. Guess I'll keep trying tomorrow, when they're open...

EDIT: Well crap, I just read the entire article posted above and found that BBDO New York made the old commercials too which eliminates my whole train of thought. Guess I'll still try to get in contact with them. It just doesn't sound like Malcom McClaren at all...