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    Airbus A300 promo

    Hello Again everyone... I've got another music identification question that I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with. View: This promotional video uses a stock track that I have heard in other media before, but once again, I have been...
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    2013/2014 airline or hotel commercial

    I remembered watching something on Hulu a few years back and you know how they have a set of commercials for whatever your watching within that time ? Well it was either an airline or hotel commercial and I want to say more so a hotel commercial because it was someone getting in late and then...
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    Korean Air "For Life on a Whole New Scale"

    Looking for the song to this commercial: Trying to puzzle together the lyrics and do a search that way. Kinda tough. I get: . . .choice . . . . . send yourself . . . . . . whisper of dreams untold . . . "whisper of dreams untold" is a great lyric. Nothing googles up, so either I...
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    Air Canada

    I am terribly sorry to say I don't remember the brand, all I remember is that it was adverting an airline, I think new features. Basically talking about the comfort of it. Anywho, there was this song playing in the background, which sounded like it was sung by children. It was definitely...
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    JetBlue Is...

    Does anyone know the name of the song that was used in that JetBlue commercial that went along the lines of "JetBlue is... Strapped or leather" and "JetBlue is... Saying hello to relatives in china"? Any help is good.
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    British Airways London Heathrow Terminal 5

    Like it says on the tin, looking for the music in the new British Airways commercial. Will be back with more details once I have them. (Thanks in advance!)
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    JetBlue Airways "Jetting"

    JetBlue Airways "Jetting" Its from a few movie trailers most of them independent type. I want to say one was a Wes Anderson film. Its sort of a 60's early 70s type song. The only lyric I can catch is "its a beautiful day" the music style is like the Beatles a poppy uptempo type song. Any Ideas...
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    Korean Air "Breathing the Blue"

    Korean Air "Breathing the Blue" Saw this REALLY cool ad on TV in Spain last week, and wondered if it was showing in the US. Then, saw it TONIGHT during CNBC "Big Idea" show. It is an ad that begins w some models in a landscape of white, cool blue sky, at first u think its an ad for perfume...
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    West Jet

    I'm looking for the classicial music that is playing during the commericial for West Jet. It's the one where a family gives their dog to the airlines to transport, it cuts to the animal being loaded into the plane then back to another airport with the family calling the dog over but instead the...
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    Delta Air Lines

    I searched through the past two months of posts here but found no one asking about this commercial, which has been running about two months, at least. Does anyone know the artist/song featured throughout the current Song Airlines TV commercial? Song is owned by Delta Airlines. The tune is...