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I searched through the past two months of posts here but found no one asking about this commercial, which has been running about two months, at least.

Does anyone know the artist/song featured throughout the current Song Airlines TV commercial? Song is owned by Delta Airlines.

The tune is wonderful, has a slightly husky, double-tracked female vocal, and a modern beat, but somehow a Brazilian or French lilt -- maybe in the vocal style.

The commercial shows a lot of sky and people running around in green fields, flying kites, and playing about like kids.


Originally posted by maxl@May 19 2004, 12:12 PM
That's Jem "Wish I" from the Finally Woken CD.
Link to "Finally Woken."

Am I the only one who gets United and Delta mixed up... thinking they both use "Rhapsody in Blue" in their ads?? :rolleyes:
Im looking for the Song Airlines song that has been featured in their latest commercial. It the one that starts out with a blue sky and kids running and flying kites. Thanks guys.
As the mantra goes here,"Use Search!"!This was answered by maxl on May 19.It's "Wish I" by Jem on "Finally Woken" CD.