Delta Airlines: Map - TV Commercial Tune


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Have you seen the new Delta Airlines commercial (2004) with the man in the business suit dropping red map tacks in front of a fan, having them fly to a world map and marking all the destinations Delta flies to (and pausing and focusing on Oahu as the last tack on the board)? Anyways I was wondering if anyone knew the music to that commercial. I've looked all over the internet and can only dig up that has the commercial online - "Delta Airlines: Map Commercial" but now that costs $99 a year to access, and I don't even know if they have any production info.. further I wrote delta through suffice it to say I probably boggled customer service as I have still not received any response. If you could find that I would greatly appreciate it! (Note I am not talking about "Adiemus" the other popular Delta commercial from 2000)
I have also been looking for the music for a long time now. I tried everything possible on the web but I always end up on websites with the other famous music Adiemus. It seems to me the music used has been specifically created for the commercial by Delta and I don't even know if there is a long version of it. I also found the Adcritic website with the $99 subscription :blink:
I found some other forums with people asking for the music but nobody seems to get any clue. I sent an email on Delta's website but do not really expect any answer.

Anyway, if someone gets anything about these commercials, I would greatly appreciate.

Thank you
Adcritic doesn't have any music with the Delta commercial. It does list their sound designers but no musical arrangment.
Frank, where did you ge the list of mpeg's from delta? Do they have a URL to link?