1. D

    Droid RAZR M "Projections"

    Who does the music for this commercial and what is it called? Thanks
  2. A

    Motorola hangar party

    Whats the name of the song?
  3. J

    Droid RAZR by Motorola "Switchers"

    Here we go again Adtunians! There is a Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX commercial that I continuously see on Hulu Plus. It shows about 5-6 people explaining why they love the MAXX and how it last...yadda yadda. One chick delivers a line, "Once you go Droid RAZR, you don't go back." In the background...
  4. K

    Motorola Atrix 4G

    Anybody have any idea if it's a band or just made for this commercial?
  5. archimedes00

    Motorola Xoom

    This song sounds to fitted for the commercial, but echoes something familiar.
  6. V

    Verizon Motorola Q

    the newest commercial
  7. S

    Motorola Q Verizon

    I've searched these boards but have not been able to find a string on this particular commercial. It is a short one, and pretty much just shows the phone from different angles. The song goes "there's just something about you, makes me wanna hold you. When I think about you...: And no, it is not...
  8. D

    Cingular Motorola SLVR with iTunes

    Hi , I've searched and searched and there is no talk of this commercial anywhere on the boards, so here it goes. Its a SLVR commercial for Cingular and Itunes, and there's a guy on a bus and the camera does a zoom in to his face and a great electro-house/techno beat starts up, and different...
  9. S

    Pink Razr

    Anyone know the music used in the commercial for the Pink Razr.
  10. O

    Motorola SLVR

    Hi everyone. I just saw a new Motorola SLVR commercial. The commercial opens with this teen-age looking woman opening the door leading outside. As she's opening the door, the music starts and the lyrics go something like this: "...So's the day...things will turn around... So keep...
  11. Maquiladora

    Cingular Motorola SLVR with iTunes

    I just saw the newest Cingular/AT&T commercial for the new Moto SLVR iTunes phone. There was an awesome song playing - sort of reminds me of the Bodyrockers or some UK rock band of some sort. Anyone have any idea who that is or where I could find out who that is? I've found most of the music in...
  12. S

    Motorola ROKR iTunes Cingular

    Three new commercials from Cingular to herald the launch of the new Motorola ROKR iTunes phone. The first features the debut single from UK teen girl band THE FADERS - 'No Sleep Tonight'. A second ad is accompanied by 'Jukebox' by BENT FABRIC. The third, targeting the Spanish market, uses...
  13. S

    Motorola ROKR

    Ad for the new Motorola ROKR iTunes phone features a clip from the Madonna single 'Hang Up' from her upcoming album, 'Confessions On A Dance Floor'. Single will hit the radio waves on Oct 17 while the album will be released on Nov 15. The cast of the commercial also includes Little Richard...
  14. E

    Motorola V3 Razor "Transformer"

    Not the song, mind you. :D If anyone here can happen to recognize and know what song this is, it would be really helpful. There's only one Motorola R3 ad, so I don't think description is needed, since I'm asking those who've seen it...
  15. F

    Motorola V710 "Train"

    just saw an ad on comedy central (i think), a european looking train with a guy sitting in a chair intercut with a celebrity band on the train and someone taking a pic with a phone. it was definitely for motorola and the end tag line was the 'hello moto' slogan (i think). the track was pretty...
  16. Kahu

    Motorola "Signs"

    Theres a Motorola commercial at where a girl is taking pictures of different things to give the guy clues to where shes at. I guess its called 'signs' and it says the song was done by paul oakenfold. does anyone know if this song is available to the public or was it done...
  17. J

    Motorola Motomix

    Hey I got another one for you. There was a cell phone commercial not too long ago. I think it was for Motorola but im not sure. It was this guy sitting in his car in the street then his phone starts ringing. Then this real pretty techno song starts playing. Oh yeah, and there is like a flock of...
  18. B


    Ok im back with a possibly more stupid quetion than the last one I posted. Dose anyone remember the Mototrola commercials from Spring 2001? The comercial had a lot happening in it but it would say stuff like LOVEMOTO HATEMOTO SADMOTO HAPPYMOTO so I forget what the words were but it was stuff...
  19. K

    Motorola V500

    Hi there :D I just wanted to ask if anyone knew what the music to the new Motorola adverts that are being aired at the moment is. Its the adverts where the two lovers are kissing in the corridor, and their neighbour catches them, takes a pic with a camera phone, and sends it round the...