Motorola V710 "Train"


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just saw an ad on comedy central (i think), a european looking train with a guy sitting in a chair intercut with a celebrity band on the train and someone taking a pic with a phone. it was definitely for motorola and the end tag line was the 'hello moto' slogan (i think). the track was pretty cool. anyone?
I think I just saw this commercial on MTV2. It was for the Motorola V710 model and I would also love to know what the music is!
Haven't seen the ad but apparently the track is called 'Speak Easy' by SWAYZAK.

Sample here.
thanks sophist. i think that may be it. how'd you the hell'd you find it, if you don't mind?
Actually by accident! Was looking for the music for the V220 ad.
Guy is walking through a silver bullet type of train listening to some cool song on his ear phones. As he walks into one car, the band is playing right there. I've just seen the commercial this week and I've seen it at least a dozen times on ESPN, so it's in heavy rotation right now.

I would classify the song as "industrial" but I have no idea about the lyrics, the band or the song title. Does anyone know? Thank you! :blink:
Anybody? I thought someone in here would have a better clue.

I've looked online at the Verizon Wireless website and they don't have any information. I live in OKlahoma and just recently have started seeing this ad... think it was on ESPN at least a dozen times Sunday.

The atmosphere in the train is like a night club with strobe light effect. I'll try to edit this when i hear any lyrics that stand out, but the vocals are compressed and grainy... which is a cool effect, but not good for understanding the words. It's a male vocalist. Oh and when the guy is using his phone, there's a quick shot of his phone screen and I think I saw the word "campfire" in red on the bottom of the screen. Maybe that's the name of the band, but I'm not sure.

If anyone else has seen the ad, please whatever descriptions you have picked up so we can figure this out.

Hey sorry if this has already been asked. I know there is a thread a few threads down asking for a song that a Motorola commercial played, but that's not the one I'm looking for.

I don't remember what the type of the cell phone was (I'm pretty sure it was called V710) , but it's where the guy is at the subway and this trance group starts playing, and the guy tries to take a picture of one of the guys with his camera phone and he turns away. Then he wakes up and says "Hello?" and one of the guys in the band is sitting next to him sleeping.

Anyone know the song? Sorry if I'm confusing the hell out of you guys :(
Ok there's a motorola commercial where this guy walks from car to car on a train and images of some band/group appear as this electro song plays. A party is in one car, holograms in another. it's fast paced. Does anyone know what the song is and who it is by? This DJ would like to know. politikon.
Motorola train

could some one tell me the name of the song used in the motorola "mototrain" commercial. basically its a guy walking around on a train with a band playing and then his phone rings and he's sitting by the singer in the band. so if you know this one i would be greatful.
thanx :)
could someone please tell me what song is being played in that new motorola v710 commercial, please? it's techno with some good bass. thanks!!
The song is by Brit trio Swayzak - Speakeasy

At the beginning of the commercial it appears as well on the screen of the guys phone...

Later B)
Okay so I totally don't even know what cell phone because I need to see it again, but there is a guy walking on the train looking at his cell phone and then he comes to some band playing some great song!! I wish I could look in archives because I'm sure it somewhere but, I don't even know the name. It's a fast song.
I just found the ad on Motorola's site.

It says the track name - Swayzak "Speak Easy" MP3 - on the phone at the start of the ad.
Could anyone tell me what the band is that is playing on the train-car from one of those Motorola commercials that came out a couple of months ago? It's kind of a rocktronica group just so you might know what I'm talking about...
Motorola V710

In the commercial the guy is going through like a bullet train, and then a band comes through and i think the song playing is Massivivid but i dont know which song it is. If anyone has any clue, it would help me out!!