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I got another one for you. There was a cell phone commercial not too long ago. I think it was for Motorola but im not sure. It was this guy sitting in his car in the street then his phone starts ringing. Then this real pretty techno song starts playing. Oh yeah, and there is like a flock of birds flying around in the air, like changing directions. Yeah

I had already asked this one here but no one knew.. there is a link to their ringtone listings, maybe you can pick it out?
I THINK it might be Paul Van Dyk "Connected".. but it's been so long since I looked that site over I can't remember.
Yeah I think you may be right. Cuz I saw that song on another website.

I saw that Van Dyk song Connected on their, I just wanted to double check.
Well, yeah.. I mean, I already gave you your second opinion, right?
I'm sorry, but I thought the question had been answered by Dascoot. :unsure:
It was indeed Paul Van Dyks "Connected" and it was part of a campaign we did that also involved Dj Colette and her track "Hypnotized" and Felix Da Housecat's "Silver Screen" - it was to promote Motorola's "MotoMixer" which was a built in feature that allowed the phone owner to 'remix' polyphonic ring-tones from there favorite artists.
Originally posted by Gabba@Jan 30 2004, 11:50 AM
it was part of a campaign we did
Maybe you could expand on that and what you do for a living? :)
I'm a Music Supervisor at Machine Head in Los Angeles - hence the attached link to the Grammys article. I've worked in the Music Business for about 10 years and at Machine Head for about 2. My partner and I have done numerous projects including the Matrix Trilogy, Motorola, MTV, Mitsubishi (including the most recent Lips & Radio 4 spots), Nike, Samsung and other things... I'm not trying to sound like a pompus ass so please don't take it that way. I enjoy perusing your site and how the the visual medium is impacting peoples exposure to music as well as, in certain cases, artists careers.
Originally posted by Gabba@Jan 30 2004, 04:52 PM
I'm a Music Supervisor at Machine Head in Los Angeles...
Sounds like you have an interesting job. :) Don't feel apprehensive about talking about your work, especially when it's relevant to the site in general. We're always happy and welcoming of anyone in the industry as it helps visitors to our site looking for all kinds of information with regards to commercial music production.

I assume your company's site is at ?
Yes - that's the website. I'm Mark Burgoyne and I'll certainly offer whatever insights and thoughts I may have that the people who read Adtunes might find interesting.

Inside scoop: The Super Bowl Cadillac commercial music was composed by famed dj/producer Junkie XL (he did the Elvis remix of "Little Less Conversation") who is in-house here @ Machine Head.