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Hi there :D

I just wanted to ask if anyone knew what the music to the new Motorola adverts that are being aired at the moment is. Its the adverts where the two lovers are kissing in the corridor, and their neighbour catches them, takes a pic with a camera phone, and sends it round the building.

Thanks in advance :D
The name of the the song is "City Approach" by a group called Grandadbob from Southern Fried Recording out of the UK which... is Norman Cooks aka Fat Boy Slims label. I found the music and did the spot - as well as we did the other "DJ" spots with Paul Van Dyke, Felix Da Housekat and Dj Collette.
Motorola V300

i was just wondering if anyone knew the name of the song from the V300 motorola commercial theres a couple making out against a wall and and a girl with a red leather jacket on in the ad. please help!!!
Alright, this time I think I got it. Its on Motorola's site as the V500 (this phone seems to be available only in the UK) But the ad matches your description. No clue on the music but maybe someone else will be able to tell us what it is.

:unsure: Hope I'm right this time!
thats it!!!!!!!! thats the commercial thanks i hope someone can find the song.

u guys r great!!!
Its by GrandDad Bob and called "City Approach"