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Ad for the new Motorola ROKR iTunes phone features a clip from the Madonna single 'Hang Up' from her upcoming album, 'Confessions On A Dance Floor'.

Single will hit the radio waves on Oct 17 while the album will be released on Nov 15.

The cast of the commercial also includes Little Richard, Bootsy Collins, as well as pop punk rockers Sum 41, R&B diva Mya, king of crunk Lil' Jon, pop sensation The Pussycat Dolls, The White Stripes duo, and Billie Joe from Green Day.
I just glanced at the end of the commercial and I saw Madonna saying something like ''mickey no'' and there was a bunch of people stuffed in a phone booth

Ok so whats the song? B)
That sounded like Madonna too. Not positive but it's a start.
is that the apple/ROKR commercial? i believe i've heard that it's probably the single 'Hung Up' from her upcoming album, tentatively titled 'Confessions on the Dance Floor'
I remember that in the Apple September Premire that she that she's announcing that.
Is that the commercial with all the different artists all getting into the phone booth in the middle of nowhere?
The song is called "Hung Up" and it's on Madonna's upcoming CD.
Im not hundred percent sure if this one has been asked or not before, but the commercial is a bunch of people getting into a telephone booth. All past music industry stars. One by one they all keep packing up the phone booth thats just happens to be in a desert looking area. The music that is playing is a electronica feel with some lyric that i didnt catch. At the end they say 100 pre-loaded songs to help a little bit more too. Thanx if anyone can help.