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Three new commercials from Cingular to herald the launch of the new Motorola ROKR iTunes phone.

The first features the debut single from UK teen girl band THE FADERS - 'No Sleep Tonight'.

A second ad is accompanied by 'Jukebox' by BENT FABRIC.

The third, targeting the Spanish market, uses 'Brinca' by DJ KANE.
The song is called 'Jukebox' by Bent Fab--- something, and then the rest is cut off from the shot, so I can't figure it out.
Hi I'm new, so I don't know if this is the right place to ask.

The song that I've been looking all over the internet for the past couple of day is from a Mac commercial. I was doing my homework when the commercial came on and that song got stuck in my head, so I rushed to the TV to see what commercial it was and by the time I got to the TV it was over. I did catch a glimpes at the last few seconds though.

I'm not sure if it was for the iPod or iTunes, but it was for i something Mac. It wasn't one of those stupid animated commercials they make. The last part of the commercial had someone dancing and then it zoomed on to an iPod and then showed the iTunes window with the mouse dragging a song to the iPod. The song almost sounded techno, but I think it was rock. Part of the lyrics I was able to understand were "just keep your hands".

If any of you know the name of the song, I would really appreciate if you could tell me.
hi, im looking for the song from the commercial where the punk girl is walking down the street and her reflection is dancing.. cant find it for the life of me, if someone here has already please feel free to link me or somehting
The ROKR commercial with the Girl walking down the street past the building and mirrors, her relflection is dancing until she answers her phone. Female rock song; Song goes like "Can't stop this feeling" etc..thanks for the help if anyone knows this.
Nevermind, I found it. "No Sleep tonight" The Faders. Grabbed the info from the archive section.
Does anyone know what the song is on that Cingular/Itunes commercial that goes 'I'm like a jukebox baby, and I know that you're followin me'?


I ran a search and came up short. If i missed the thread sorry about that. Any way there are two commercials i saw out there introducing the nokia 6620 allowing you to have 100 songs on your phone. Which has already been possible with other phones without itunes. Anyway thats besides the point. The commercial has the person just walkin around and there shadow is dancing throughout a city like environment. The two commercials that i have seen, one is a girl and one is a guy. The song that is playing with the guy in it i cant figure out. I think the lyrics are im like your jukebox. If anyone knows the tune drop a line thanx.
i was wondering if anyone knew the artist //track of the song from that new cingular commercial for the phone that has the i tunes.. it's like "i get what i want and want you to get with me".. something along that lines.

thank you!!
It's a commercial for iTunes, and it's one of those where they are just walking, listening to their iPod [that doubles as a phone - or vice versa, whatever], and in the mirror they are dancing all crazy.

Anyway, it's an asian guy, and he's walking down a path, and his phone rings and he's like "GOT IT. BYE.".. from what I have gathered from the lyrics, it sounds like the artist is saying "Jukebox Baby".., but I could be totally wrong.

Thanks guys! :D
okay i think its cingular..its the new IPOD phone and the girl is walking but in the mirrors shes dancing..does anyone know what song that is?
in the commercial a girl is walking down the street with her phone and listening to can see shes dancing in her reflections in puddles and windows along the street. the song is upbeat and sung by a woman but i forgot the lyrics because i saw it a while ago, but i just remembered that i liked the song that the girl was listening to in this commercial.

thanks. :D
gah i wanna know the name to this song...but the only words i know are

"i'm like a jukebox baby ... and i know... ???"
i know its sung by a guy..and uh yeah. ahah.

if anyone knows the name or singer of this song please reply!

thanks in advance.