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    Cingular phone company background song

    Hey this is my first post here, and something popped up in my head today. It was this commercial from cingular i think (during it's "raising the bar" stage) and it had this techno/alternative rock song playing. All i can remember is funky guitar melodies and lyrics that were a little weird, but...
  2. C

    AT&T Cingular 2007

    AT&T Cingular 2007 Hi, I'm just wondering about a song that played during the 07' Masters At&t/Cingular commercials. To be honest though, I'm pretty sure the song was made just commercial, so even a link to the commercial would be amazing, and that's just what I've been looking for, and I...
  3. D

    AT&T Cingular Sync

    I don't have any specifics because I just heard it and caught the end but it is an AT&T commercial and it might have something with downloading music because they showed a cell phone and laptop at the end... My first thought was Oh Montreal... it has a whistling tune. If I see it again, I'll...
  4. I


    Does anyone know the name of the song playing on the cell phone. The 2 guys dont know the words and one look at the other and ask im if its " Stock the Catbox". Then they get in the car. its an old song 80's Thanks
  5. D

    Cingular Motorola SLVR with iTunes

    Hi , I've searched and searched and there is no talk of this commercial anywhere on the boards, so here it goes. Its a SLVR commercial for Cingular and Itunes, and there's a guy on a bus and the camera does a zoom in to his face and a great electro-house/techno beat starts up, and different...
  6. B

    Cingular Family Plan

    does anyone nkow the name of the song and who it is by that is used in the Cingular Family Talk commercial it has a wheole bunch of thigs making 5 bars and at the end it has surfers at the beach making 5 bars
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    Hi, I saw this commercial during american idol on fox, (3/7/06) and it was a ~new~ cingular commercial. I didnt catch any words, but it showed the usual bars in places, one of them being ladies floating on long flat floats in a pool towards the end of the commercial. If anyone could help that...
  8. S

    Cingular Push-to-talk "Good night"

    Cingular Push-to-talk "Good night" This commercial involves a bunch people in different houses saying good night to one another. At the end, one person says “goodnight John-boy”, and the music starts playing. It is a trumpet solo, and is really familiar, but I just can't put a name to it...
  9. O

    Motorola SLVR

    Hi everyone. I just saw a new Motorola SLVR commercial. The commercial opens with this teen-age looking woman opening the door leading outside. As she's opening the door, the music starts and the lyrics go something like this: "...So's the day...things will turn around... So keep...
  10. Maquiladora

    Cingular Motorola SLVR with iTunes

    I just saw the newest Cingular/AT&T commercial for the new Moto SLVR iTunes phone. There was an awesome song playing - sort of reminds me of the Bodyrockers or some UK rock band of some sort. Anyone have any idea who that is or where I could find out who that is? I've found most of the music in...
  11. M

    Cingular "Alone"

    Cingular "Alone" I just heard a new ad on t.v. for a phone company (Sprint, I think?) featuring a really beautiful slow cover of Blondie's "Hanging on the Telephone" - sounds almost like Cat Power or something. Anyone know who sings it?
  12. S

    Motorola ROKR iTunes Cingular

    Three new commercials from Cingular to herald the launch of the new Motorola ROKR iTunes phone. The first features the debut single from UK teen girl band THE FADERS - 'No Sleep Tonight'. A second ad is accompanied by 'Jukebox' by BENT FABRIC. The third, targeting the Spanish market, uses...
  13. S

    cingular commercial

    please help. there is a cell phone commercial out (i think its cingular) about a black guy that is listining to music while he boards a subway. a young girl notices him and takes a video of him and sends it to her girlfriend to ask if she wants to go dancing. she in turn sends it to her husband...
  14. G

    AT&T Cingular All Over

    Anyone with information regarding music from the AT&T Cingular All Over ad?? Would appreciate your help. Thank you. Jim
  15. S

    AT&T Cingular triplets

    AT&T Cingular triplets Does anyone know what song was used in the new Cingular/AT&T ad? It showed a mom text messaging three different birthday messages to her three boys who are triplets. I don't know any of the words right now. Thanks!
  16. K

    AT&T Cingular

    AT&T Cingular There is a new ad and for the life of me I can't remember the title...something about "Take a Load off????" It's new commercial and I need HELP!!!!
  17. A

    Cingular music download

    I just saw a cingular commercial about music downloads on M TV and there is a band playing with a blonde girl singing who is it, at the end of the commercial she says "thanks for downloading my song" HELP :D