AT&T Cingular triplets


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AT&T Cingular triplets

Does anyone know what song was used in the new Cingular/AT&T ad? It showed a mom text messaging three different birthday messages to her three boys who are triplets. I don't know any of the words right now. Thanks!
I saw it again and it sounded like U2 some of the lyrics were

"just get to me"
"get to me"

or something like that.
I think that's the right song but the music sounds different. I don't know. It will probably sound better once I hear the whole song. Either way it's still good. Thanks a lot!
commercial aired tonight during the OC, featured triplet boys trying to get home and using their cingular phones.
anyway the song says something like "l don't care how you get to me,,,just get to me". its a male vocalist sounds alot like jamaroqui.

thanks in advance!!!
Does anyone know the song on the commercial where the three triplet boys are coming home for their birthday? The song goes "An airplanes faster than a cadillac, and a whole lot smoother than a camel's back." Does anyone know what song that is?
What's the name of the song and author in the commercial for the cell phone company, the more bars in more places, that goes "and I don't care how you get to me, just get to me.." It's the commercial where it's the triplets' birthday and they're all going to meet their mom, and they all get text messages from her. Thanks!
I'm looking to find the song that goes something like: Don't care how you get to me just come to me .......