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does anyone nkow the name of the song and who it is by that is used in the Cingular Family Talk commercial it has a wheole bunch of thigs making 5 bars and at the end it has surfers at the beach making 5 bars
The song from the recent Family Talk commercials is Peter Gabriel's - Salisbury Hill.
I don't really know how to describe this commercial because alot of Cingular commercials are the same. But it starts out with a guitar and a heavy drum beat, it almost sounds like an African drum beat but not quite. There are 5 people on rafts in a pool making the "5 bars" that Cingular always has. There is a guy riding a horse that is jumping up into the air on its back two legs. I know its a crappy description, but I've been seeing this commercial for a few weeks and I can't figure out what the song is.
Wow, I suck. First because it was in the archives and second because Dave Matthews used to play that on his Dave and Friends tour.
theres this really catchy song on a cingular family plan commercial. it goes lk:

whoa whoa whoa, something's getting me started...

if anyone knows the name of this song, please tell me :D

please and thankies :D
Are you talking about "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel? That's the only song I've heard in the cingular family plan commercials. It's also what brought me to this site. Hehe.
no its a faster song, i downloaded the one you gave me and it wasnt it :)

but thanx a lot though!! :D

appreciated highly *nods head*
I, too, am in search of the title of that Cingular commercial song. And it's got nothing to do with the C300 commercial, before anyone asks.
I'm hearing "somethings gonna destroy us," but that doesn't seem right . . .
i am so intent on finding this song that i just called cingular and was on the phone with a customer service rep for 20 minutes. he tried his hardest, but we didn't have any luck. this is KILLLLING me! if anyone knows, please post immediately!!
Anyone have any ideas yet? I've tried googling the lyrics (to no result) but since we're not completely sure what the lyrics ARE it makes things rather difficult and I have nowhere to go from here on this song.

somebody on yahoo answers has suggested that the song is a piece by the ramones. does this help? i suspect the answerer might be thinking of an older family plan commercial.
Ramones...nope :) I can tell you exactly what that tune is cause it really surprised me when I head it during the baseball playoffs. Since I'm a DJ I know music all over the world, and that one happens to be Swedish by an artist called Swingfly. I remember when I first heard it about a year ago...that would make a good TV ad :) I should work for them...

Your welcome :)
Is that the one that goes, "My heart goes boom, boom, boom" before it kinda fades to the voiceover and then something like, "take me home," or "I'm goin' home." ??