1. W

    Apple iMac + iTunes

    There were six of these spots, and I've identified the songs in all but this one: Can anyone identify this song?
  2. D

    Cingular Motorola SLVR with iTunes

    Hi , I've searched and searched and there is no talk of this commercial anywhere on the boards, so here it goes. Its a SLVR commercial for Cingular and Itunes, and there's a guy on a bus and the camera does a zoom in to his face and a great electro-house/techno beat starts up, and different...
  3. O

    Motorola SLVR

    Hi everyone. I just saw a new Motorola SLVR commercial. The commercial opens with this teen-age looking woman opening the door leading outside. As she's opening the door, the music starts and the lyrics go something like this: "...So's the day...things will turn around... So keep...
  4. Maquiladora

    Cingular Motorola SLVR with iTunes

    I just saw the newest Cingular/AT&T commercial for the new Moto SLVR iTunes phone. There was an awesome song playing - sort of reminds me of the Bodyrockers or some UK rock band of some sort. Anyone have any idea who that is or where I could find out who that is? I've found most of the music in...
  5. macreator

    iTunes + NBC TV Ad

    Does anyone know the song that plays in the background of this net ad for iTunes + NBC's Rollout of NBC content through the iTunes Store? Link: Ad Thanks!
  6. S

    Motorola ROKR iTunes Cingular

    Three new commercials from Cingular to herald the launch of the new Motorola ROKR iTunes phone. The first features the debut single from UK teen girl band THE FADERS - 'No Sleep Tonight'. A second ad is accompanied by 'Jukebox' by BENT FABRIC. The third, targeting the Spanish market, uses...
  7. S

    iPod + iTunes dancers doing "robot"

    Anybody know the music used in the new ipod commercial shown on SNL tonight. It was techno with some people doing the robot (I think).
  8. P

    iPod and iTunes

    I just saw the newest iPod commercial. Went to Apple's site to try and find it and all I found was the commercial for the iPod shuffle. Anyone know what the lastest song is called?
  9. A

    Apple iTunes

    Any know what that song is in the bg of the following commercial? Lyrics include: "..But he's faster than me" and "walking and talking" Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. C

    Apple iTunes for Windows

    :huh: Hi There - just heard the new I Pod ad -great rock tune, sounds a bit like the Hives, Helicopters, type - the lyric is "really want to make you mine" Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks