iPod + iTunes dancers doing "robot"

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Anybody know the music used in the new ipod commercial shown on SNL tonight. It was techno with some people doing the robot (I think).
It is Technologic by Daft Punk on their new album, Human After All.
Originally posted by Apple@May 14 2005, 09:17 PM
It is Technologic by Daft Punk on their new album, Human After All.
You can hear an audio sample here, track 9. Also available for download from .

Watch the ad here.
its a new song that has everybody doing the robot i know the last one it was Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz (one with the rollerskates)

thx to anyone who knows
Does anyone remeber when Volkswagen ruled the world of cutting edge ad music. Now it looks like Apple has taken the helm and everybody else is playing catch up. I'm not particularly a die-hard fan of Apple and didn't want to buy into the mass consumerism histeria but like Volkswagen who had me wanting to go out and buy a Jetta/Bug/Cabrio (respectively) Apple bought me too. I'm sold! What can I say I'm a sucker for good advertising.
two songs from two comercials

the techono song where a lyric is "TECHNO LOGIC" and other robotics things.

and another is hte one where the dancers where on roller skates and it was like a slow rock not too sure who sang it and then it rolled into a hip hop style of music. thanks yall
bah sorry about that. i just dont get it why people on forums get soo peeved when people start topics on old ones, i meen if you know the answer you could just put it in and get more posts or you could just merge topics like before or answer the questino with a link like the guy before you. i just think double posts arent a big deal. oh yeah i am an admin on a video game forum so i get alot of them.
if there is already a thread with the answer then sorry for making another one but i tried searching for ipod/itunes songs on here but none of em were the one i was looking for. i heard this a while ago and like it but recently took interest in getting it, the song was technoish.. i didnt understand wut it was saying but the voice sounded wierd
Hey guys - need help finding some music from an ipod commercial. All I remember from the song is the word technology and I am pretty sure it wa electronic/dnce music. Any ideas????