Motorola V3 Razor "Transformer"


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Not the song, mind you. :D

If anyone here can happen to recognize and know what song this is, it would be really helpful. There's only one Motorola R3 ad, so I don't think description is needed, since I'm asking those who've seen it...
Don't you mean the V3?

For those who haven't seen it, you can view the commercial here.
Hey just came across seeing this commercial on TV, the beat is so sick. I cant lay a finger on who it might be tho its totally new. I hope somone checks this out and knows it.
Just thought i would add: just for people to definitly recognize it . Its with the hot chick walking around the house while it folds up all into her phone.
I know for a fact that past Motorola commercials a couple of them used music from paul van dyk, like "connected" motomix. But this one doesnt sound anything like him so im not sure who it might be. It almost sounds like an instrumental by the way its played repeatidly.
Just found it: the song is "Hyped Up Plus Tax" by Dabrye. Sweet.
Originally posted by cbh9@Nov 22 2004, 06:49 PM
Just found it: the song is "Hyped Up Plus Tax" by Dabrye. Sweet.
You can find the song on the album One Three. An audio sample is available here, track 7. The single and album are also available for download from .
hey, recently saw a commercial for Motorolla's new phone the "Razr". it is where a women is in her family room, and she closes her laptop, and the whole room folds down all the way into the ultra-thin phone. i like the tune, if anyone knows/can find out what it is that would be great !
Does anyone have any info on the music playing in current cell phone ad? I'm not sure what brand of phone it's for. The ad has the world (rooms, buildings, etc.) folding or sliding together until it all compacts and only a cell phone is left. Then a woman walks over to the phone, bends down, and picks it up. The music is electronic sounding, meaning not music made by traditional instruments like guitars and actual drums.

I saw the commercial a few weeks ago and I've been trying to watch for it, but I've had no luck. I couldn't find anything after searching the web either. PLEASE, HELP!
Does anyone know the artist that does the music for the new motorolla v3 add?

its the one with the lady in a room, when her phone rings everything starts to fold up, untill she is standing in a white room with only the phone.

any help would be great.

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it's the new ad for their v3 razr cell phone. The ad is about everything around this girl folding and finally becoming into the phone. The girls real pretty and is wearing black.

I'm looking for the song during that Motorola commercial for the Moto Razor Phone.

The commercial I'm talking about is the one where the girl is in her appartment and then everything starts folding up until everything is white and the phone is on the floor. Then she picks up the phone. Then theirs a shot of the phone and the guy says "Hello Moto"

The song is instrumental and I don't know what genre it is... kind of techno-ish.
Does anyone know what song is being played in Motorola's latest commercial? Motorola was showing off their newest cell phone model (the Razr V3 I think it was). In the commercial, some girl is just sporting the phone and later sees some guys face on the screen. That;s pretty much it. The song sounds like something that'd be on a chillout/sounds of the seasons mix.
is it dabrye's "hyped up plus tax?" a lot of people have already asked this, try searching.
Anyone see the Motorola commercial with the hot chick in a room that folds up? Eventually the room folds up into the Razr phone and she answers it. There's a decent beat in the background....anyone know if it's a song?