Motorola "Signs"


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Theres a Motorola commercial at where a girl is taking pictures of different things to give the guy clues to where shes at.

I guess its called 'signs' and it says the song was done by paul oakenfold.

does anyone know if this song is available to the public or was it done exclusively for the commercial?
The name of the ad is "Signs" - that's not neccessarily the name of the song too. This track kinda sounds like his song "Ready Set Go" - I can't tell if it's the same song.
your right... it does kinda sound like 'ready steady go'.
Its either a remix or Its a mix cd and its the track before or after that song.
or i guess it could be a completely different song. out of all the songs i have that sounds the closest.

bummer... i checked the different files and they all sound the same. Its gonna drive me crazy now