Pimp My Ride

its male voclas...its pop music

it starts out... "yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah"

then goes " I am just blown away"
its mostly music, i think the words in the song are something like "we all fall down" but i might be wrong, it sounds like drums, bass and guitar (acoustic?) are playing the song
no...its definitely a pop song, not rap

it isnt like yeah yeah yeah... its one long yeahhhhhhh
i can remember a song that begins with a long yeah, but i forget if it was AC-DC or Aerosmith..
its definitely a move recent song than either run dmc or aerosmith...

definitely more pop than anything
Originally posted by MB The Body@Apr 7 2005, 05:05 AM
no...its definitely a pop song, not rap

it isnt like yeah yeah yeah... its one long yeahhhhhhh
Slight correction..."Yeah!" is actually an R&B/pop song. The fact that it's produced by Lil Jon doesn't make it rap; Lil Jon has produced songs for a lot of R&B singers, too.
well Usher's song doesn't have the words "I am just blown away" in it so that's out
ok ... ill set it straight by saying i know the song yeah by usher anyone who hadnt heard that song every 5 minutes was like MIA for about a year...

its a softer song more like soft rock/pop then r&b/pop....

its almost like a boy band sound
I've been looking up that song too. I couldn't find anything on it. It has a surfer-punk type sound to it.
i saw the show again, that episode

its when Gaby stands on the jeep and shouts 'please MTV pimp my ride' and its playing in the background,
no thats not it, there just music playing, no lyrics,. and its abit faster than Toy Soliders
I'm actually looking for the song when she says "thanks for pimpin my ride" and then drives off.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.
In one of the Pimp My Ride episodes, it is about this girl getting her car pimped out, a 1950 Chevy Belair. Her name is Jekara...the car is like a light blue and white. Anyways, I would like to know the song they play when XZibit is getting ready to go knock on her door. They also play this same song when him and Jekara go and look at the car. Anyone know this song? It's hip hop. Thanks
in this episode, there is a song that plays during the part when they are installing the radio/whatever in the front.
do u know what song by crossfade? i checked their songs in amazon, dont seem to be any that sound like that