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I just watched the new show "Pimp Out My Ride" on MTV. The episode is with that girl who has a jacked up Cadilac. The episode where the girl says "I'm a hottie driving around in a hooptie". it played exactly when Xzibit was arriving at the parking lot of West Coast Body shop. it was a beat with no words and it was old school beat from the early ninties thats the only thing i know cause i heard it when i was in middle school. it's definetly a beat from a old school Rap song. it sound like the beat from Kris Kross "Jump" but i know it is not. if you ever heard a song in the morning and it was stuck in your head all day...well, it's the same situation with me but instead of being stuck for a day i have remember that since the ninties. i been humming that beat/tune to my freinds and i get the your crazy look hopefully someone sees the show and maybe tell me that song name. well thanks for any help you can give me.

Well I doubt any one can help but can someone tell me how to contact MTV because i never did that before.

we heard the song and had no clue on it... sorry :( might be an old school dr. dre song -- look at some of his popular stuff (like billboard hits) from the 90s or something. i'm just taking a guess, but you right, familiar song, but can't place it.
I've been searching and searching for one particular song for 3 months. On MTV's show Surf Girls,(girls are doing crunches, like 1st episode) and the recent episode of PIMP MY RIDE(the ep. where the girl's Civic gets made over and she drives back to show her grandmother) there is an upbeat latin dance song, it sounds like a techno song, that has trumpets in the background. The intro of the song has men shouting "Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy yo!" and the chorus has a woman that sounds like she's saying "bring it, bring it, bring it, bring bring bring bring oh!" I know I didn't give an accurate description but I really really want to know the title of this song because it has been nagging me for 3 months. Thanks to all who can help. :D
Hey man Thank you SO MUCH!!!!! i've been looking for this song FOREVER. How did you happen to know what it was? You're a lifesaver.
Just watched Pimp My Ride, the episode had a young art student name Antwon and the car was a Mitsubishi Mirage and they put a fish tank in the car :lol: . Any ways I heard this background music with a tight beat. It was an old school rap beat (Again :lol: ) no lyrics. It play shortly after the car arrived at the body shop and played into the mechanics meeting. I know it's old school because i heard this beat long time ago. I know this sound similar to my other post i swear this is diffeerent and in a different episode. So if you happen to watch this certain episode and know the song and artist I will really appreciate it alot. Thanks.

the song, though i have only seen it once, i believe is "get your walk on" from the Restless album.
I know this is waaaay out there, but im looking for a song that was at the end of the episode where they fixed up a Ford Ranger owned by a guy named Jared. The song clip played this cool noise, but the only lyrics i understood were "Bring it on bring it on bring it on yea" then theyd play the noise a couple more times, and so on.
This is the episode where they make over the girl's VW bug. They paint it bright green. There's one part where of the workers at West Coast Customs is sitting in the front end of the bug with the hood over him and his legs through the empty headlight sockets. That's where the song plays. It's a bouncy, sort of jazzy piano tune with a male voice singing over it. It kind of sounds like "Love Cats" by the cure, style-wise, but I'm pretty sure it's a new song. The song was also used in an episode and commercial for newlyweds. I know it is extremely unlikely that anyone will be able to find the song from my description, but I really really want it, so it's worth a shot.

Well, that's not it, but I was looking for that song, too, so thank you.
I'm sorry, but no. By the time I realized that it was the actual song and ran up to the tv, Xhibit was talking over it. Male vocals. That's all I remember. This will be impossible until I can find the episode again.
i remember that episode, but the only song i remember hearing from the episode is "such great heights" by the postal service...
Okay, I just watched the episode again, and I got some more info. The main part of the song seems to be "lalalalalala" and then some "leeleelee" or "deedeedee." Then the one line of lyrics I got is "come on kids" and then I think it's followed by "we're going to a ball." I'm currently googling my ass off, but to no avail. Hope this helps. So close!
YES! Even though it wasn't on this post, adtunes provided yet another answer to my my musical queries. It's "Popsickle" by Starlight Mints! I was just sampling from the recent post of music frequently heard on MTV. Well, there is no piano, like I thought, but it does of dododo and lalala, and the lyric goes "come on kids we're havin' a ball!" I'M SO PLEASED! I screamed when I heard it!