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Mtv uses this song alot. I heard it on Pimp My Ride once. It has a bass line and some sort of instrument playing, maybe trumpets? It sounds like the beginning to a rap song maybe. Thanks for your help!
Hello everyone!

i want this song 2 ! Is there anyone who can help us?

thnks in advance !
Don't think it's listed there either. Well at least we know it Season 10 Episode 2 now... please help if you can, I'm going nuts...
Darn, I was excited about finally discovering the tune I'm looking for, but alas, the music vasco pointed out is indeed not the tune I am looking for. Sh*t...
Since Vasco was looking for a different song, I split the topics in two to avoid any confusion. That thread can be found here.
This is a long shot but try this sample from Tribe Called Quest "Oh My God" from itunes

THis clip isnt the best sample, but the beginning of the track is a bass line with horns chiming in.
OK, I just heard this song on TV again! It's on MTV's show "Sweet Sixteen," during the episode with the Iranian-American girl with the divorced parents. It plays right before she tries on the red dress with no stomach. Plz HELP!

Edit: The girl's name is Ava.
Check this thread, or just do a search for "sweet sixteen" and you'll find some other threads from that episode.