1. konrad

    Old song from MTV

    Anyone knows from video clip to what song comes this picture?
  2. M

    MTV commercial Godsmack song

    I remember a long time ago on MTV I saw a commercial. In this commercial, its a girl who is working at some kids themed restaurant (i.e. looked like a chucky cheese spoof) and about to take a break. She puts on her headphones and plays a Godsmack song and its in sync with the animatronics...
  3. K

    Teen Wolf

    Music 0:00 - 0:26?
  4. white rushin


    So the recent commercial on MTV that's like 10 seconds long. It has Tosca (from Slednecks) in it being like cornered by a reindeer. Anyone able to tell me the name and artist of the song played in this commercial?
  5. K

    Finding Carter

    music info pretty please;)
  6. K


    music info in season 4 trailer?
  7. shabaz

    Snooki and JWOWW

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows the song playing in the background to the Snooki and JWOWW season 3 promo (haha, I definitely do NOT watch the show, but I'm kinda diggin' the song from the promo I keep seeing). Snooki & JWOWW Season 3 BFF Promo
  8. N

    MTV True Life I'm Getting Unusual Plastic Surgery

    Does anyone know the song that plays at 25:29? I've searched everywhere and have tried every music ID app there is and came up with nothing. Help!
  9. M

    2012 MTV Video Music Awards VMAs

    Can anybody tell me the songs that Calvin Harris played as DJ at the 2012 VMA's as the announcers were coming out or as they were heading into commercial break. The particular one I am looking for is right after Drake/Lil Wayne accepted their award. Thanks!
  10. B

    Celebrity Deathmatch

    I watched a youtube video titled "Kevin Bacon vs All Comers," and I was surprised they've used that electric guitar theme song for the fight between Kevin and Jesse Ventura that I've heard during the "Inside the NFL" show, right when they tell you that "this program is brought to you by..." The...
  11. YoungBlood

    The Real World San Diego

    Thankfully, there's a YouTube video that has the two promos for this season in one - both of which have catchy tracks. I tried using Shazam but to no avail... can anyone take a shot at at least one song? :(
  12. F

    Chelsea Settles

    Its been on since 10/25/11 to today(11/1/11) it shows a preview of her talking to a friend. It seems like a instrumental the beginning but at the last couple of seconds i hear some singing. I believe to be the preview for episode 4.
  13. L

    2011 MTV Video Music Awards

    Hey guys I'm wondering if you can help me find the name of this remix/song (maybe a remix version of Yeah 3X or Beautiful People?) that Chris Brown was dancing to when he performed at the MTV Video Music Awards 2011, I attached a YouTube clip below. THANKS IN ADVANCE! YouTube Clip...
  14. K

    MTV GYT Get Yourself Tested

    Anyone know the song? The commercial starts off with a girl and a heart shaped spiral lollipop .. it has kind of a synth beat to it.
  15. Abdullah

    2011 MTV Movie Awards

    Hi, During the Best Movie Line sequence for The Social Network attached, a techno beat was used. I can't get it out of my head :D Watch:
  16. sav

    America's Best Dance Crew Season 6

    This song is driving me nuts, I thought I could pin point it to an artists song on youtube but all tries have left me no where.... The link to the video with the song in question that I need ID'd is here...
  17. M

    16 and Pregnant

    anyone know the song that plays when cleondra gives birth? the lyrics are something like: tell me did you know this was all the (something i dont understand) so now you know feels like i died and went to heaven feels like i looked through their mtv "songs from the episode" page but i can't...
  18. J

    The Real World Las Vegas

    If you watch the preview for Episode 6 of The latest season of Real World. There is a glossy electro pop song that plays in the very beginning of the preview segment. It plays for the first 20 seconds. Anyone recognize?
  19. O

    My Life as Liz

    Can anyone identify this song for me? I can't seem to find it. Thanks!
  20. N

    Real World Road Rules Challenge Cutthroat

    I am looking for the theme song where the contestants are introduced from this show. I figure the second part of the song is "Insomnia" by Faithless. Just can't work out the first part. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Must.Have.Now. (or whenever one of you awesome people figure it out)...