America's Best Dance Crew Season 6


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This song is driving me nuts, I thought I could pin point it to an artists song on youtube but all tries have left me no where....

The link to the video with the song in question that I need ID'd is here...

It's the Battle of the Final Two in MTV's America's Best Dance Crew for season 6.

It is the portion where they pan to a video of the group IAmMe and how they practice and prepare for their routines. During the segment they play a song that they have also played during the finale tonight but its consistent.

The time frame is from 14:11 - 14:30 on the MTV full episode video. It has a heavy bass background and I thought it was a Wiz Khalifa song but I checked all of his stuff on youtube and can not for the life of me find anything similar to it except for Black and Yellow which this is not.

Can any soul out there help me?!?! Would be most appreciated it.