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... um, okay. This song has been featured in MANY commercials. It was in a promo for CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, I believe it was in a car commercial, and most recently it was in Fox's Sunday Night promo for Family Guy.

It's a very brief tune, and it sounds kind of like spy music.

If anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, that'd be great. >_>
There was a family guy promo for the new season that featured a song with a really catchy guitar tune (duh duh da du da) <--that sort of helps?

but neway, it aired during the simpsons, and at one point in the song, some ones goes ow ow ow ow, or maybe ah ah ah ah...

I know its really vauge, but any help would be greatly appreciated
This may have been answered on another forum ...

Big Head Todd & The Monsters - "Boom Boom"

I hope that's right?!


There you go.
whats the song playin when it shoes peter griffin in the bath tub and talks about desperate house husbands. the commericial has an all black background and airs on fox
This song plays on one of the TBS commercials for "Family Guy", the one that shows Peter falling through the stairs & breaking them. There are no lyrics, it kind of sounds like the horns from Beyonce's "Crazy In Love". I feel like I've heard this tune before.. I'm going crazy!
sorry.. I don't recall any music in that commercial.. I know which one you're talking about though
Family Guy TBS

Does anyone know the name of the song and artist from the TBS Family Guy promo? It's the song with a lot of trumpets in it. The promo ad has Brian and Stewie in it. Any help would be great.
Family Guy commercial

I just saw a "Family Guy" commercial on TBS where Stewie was dancing to a song that had the lyrics 'Shake shake it girl girl'. Is anyone familiar with this commercial? I want to know the name of this song and who performs it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!