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hey guys,

Does anyone know what soundtrack was playing during the 2011 US Open Promo??
it was on skysport

and the commercial contained past winners frame by frame from 05 to 2010..
i wasn't able to find the actual commercial online (youtube/google 'nothing really came up'.

but the soundtrack kind of went like this

ooh ooh ooh If i can take you away somehow...if i can take you away somehow

That was mostly it in the promo/ad i tried lyrics search but nothing to what i was looking for...the soundtrack is new rock type.. bit pacy
2011 Open Championship

Looking for the music used in the golf championship ads that have been running on ESPN. Have not been able to find a video of it online, but hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about / may be able to find something I can't.

(eta: this is an instrumental piece, not one with vocals as mentioned in the other post.)
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