1. D

    FedEx Cup PGA golf playoffs

    Anyone know what song is played on the currently airing commercial for the fedex cup golf playoffs?
  2. L

    PGA Golf

    Does anybody know the song that is played on ads during PGA golf broadcasts on NBC and The Golf Channel? Has the words "somke in the air, fire in the sky"
  3. S

    Nike "No Cup Is Safe" Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy

    Really hoping someone can come to the rescue and help me out here. I could swear I've heard the tune before, but for the life of me I don't know who it is or what the name of the song is in the new Nike commercial. Hope someone can help me out! Thanks! -Steve
  4. N

    ESPN Masters Golf

    ESPN Masters Golf Commercial - Trying to figure out the name of the song they have running in the background of this commercial.
  5. S

    US Open golf

    hey guys, Does anyone know what soundtrack was playing during the 2011 US Open Promo?? it was on skysport and the commercial contained past winners frame by frame from 05 to 2010.. i wasn't able to find the actual commercial online (youtube/google 'nothing really came up'. but the soundtrack...
  6. V

    IBM Masters Golf

    its been driving me crazy, whats the song in this commercial? thanks
  7. B

    Bridgestone Golf "Red Hot"

    Anyone know the background tune used by Bridgestone Golf? Their site has the ad but no credit given....surprise!! Here's the link on YouTube. I think it's The Fall, but not 100%
  8. Scorpion-X

    VW Golf GTI "Anyone for a Sunday drive?"

    The remixed version of the VW Golf GTi Plz & Thx
  9. W

    VW Volkswagen Golf

    Hi there, Does anyone know who is singing to this danish Volkswagen commercial?
  10. S

    Golf Channel

    I've been looking for a certain song for years. I heard it again today in this Golf Channel commercial. I think posting commercials for reference is ok here no? It's also in this Starfox trailer...
  11. C

    Ryder Cup

    ive heard this piece of music before, on highlights of NFL films. but i dont know what it is. i dont have any links butt has anyone heard it?
  12. gst233

    Tiger Woods Nike Music

    what is the music played here: Link
  13. N

    Tiger Woods Tribute Nike

    I'm new to this site. I was just wondering if anyone knows the singer and name of the song being played in the new commercial done by Nike golf---Tiger Wood's tribute to his father. You can see the commercial yourself at Thanks!!
  14. B

    Nike Golf "Irons"

    anybody know what song is playing in the nike golf commercial where it advertises their irons as the fastest growing irons on tour? shows all the pros hit their approach shots.
  15. L

    VW Volkswagen Golf GTI Gene Kelley "Singing in the Rain"

    Has everyone seen the new GTI commercial yet? If so, does anyone know who remixed "Singing in the Rain"? It's rather good...
  16. B

    Ryder Cup

    I am looking for the song played during NBC's Ryder cup coverage
  17. M

    Masters Golf Tournament

    Anyone know where to find "The Masters" golf music on CBS? Kind of a sappy piano/violin tune was re-released in '96 by Leeds Music/Patchwork and Don Cherry (got that off, but have never been able to find it anywhere