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Okay, this has probably been covered previously but I just found this site and don't really have enough info to search for it.
Commercial aired around this past winter in the US. There was a car (don't remember the make, but I want to say asian) driving I think across a bridge at night. the music playing was kind of a 'math rock' sound, like maybe Adrian Belew era King Crimson, Minus the Bear, or even a little bit Police, and so on.
Anybody know what that song was?
Nobody saw this commercial???? Black car, driving across a bridge, possibly New York City, night, guitar oriented rock song playing
OK, let's try this again. There was a car commercial, aired around this past fall/winter/spring. A car, possibly black, driving across a bridge, possibly NYC, at night. There was a guitar oriented rock riff playing, a math rock sound like King Crimson, Radiohead, Minus the Bear, Rush, etc, etc. Am I the only person who saw this commercial? I saw it more than once so I didn't dream it..... Gotta know what that music was!