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    2 Broke Girls

    Does anyone know the name of the song for this TBS promo for 2 Broke Girls and the name of the artist? The song has a hip-hop beat and I think the singer repeats the line "Make Your Body Rock". Thanks for your assistance! Scourge2
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    i am looking for the song playing in this trailer!! please help!! thank you!!
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    Can anyone ID the artist for this version of "Jingle Bells", used at the end of this promo for ChillerTV? http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=167153616654044&oid=334500414216&comments&ref=mf I contacted ChillerTV at the email on their website, and it bounced back as a permanent fatal...
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    Family Guy

    ... um, okay. This song has been featured in MANY commercials. It was in a promo for CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, I believe it was in a car commercial, and most recently it was in Fox's Sunday Night promo for Family Guy. It's a very brief tune, and it sounds kind of like spy music. If anyone has...
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    Sex and the City on TBS

    TBS Superstation now runs new ad for the syndicated rerun of "Sex And The City". The ad has one of the girls saying "monogamy! i must have caught it from you" Also Sarah Jessica Parker slips and falls down on a catwalk and a bald guy in the audience says "she's fashion roadkill" The music...