Sex and the City on TBS


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TBS Superstation now runs new ad for the syndicated
rerun of "Sex And The City". The ad has one of the
girls saying "monogamy! i must have caught it from you"
Also Sarah Jessica Parker slips and falls down on a
catwalk and a bald guy in the audience says "she's
fashion roadkill"

The music on the Ad is "History Repeating" by Propeller Heads
How on earth is Sex and the City going to be aired on TBS? It'll be like a 15 minute show or something with all the editing. Strange... :blink:
I was just thinking the same thing today :lol:
they said they were going to push it as far as they could with showing the series on cable....and something about getting creative with the scenes...who knows what they'll think up!! as for me...i'll be sticking to the dvds. i'm sad enough the series ended, and i don't want to see a butchered version on cable. :(
I know, I thought the show was really funny and now it's gonna suck on TBS. I'll have to go out and buy the dvd's.
it was also featured in the movie "There's Something About Mary"
I think JCA was telling me that apparently they shot "TBS friendly" scenes to replace the sexier ones as they were taping the show, keeping in mind of it going into syndication possibly one day. (sounds like a lot of extra work.) Still, I don't think it'd be as good as the HBO original, regardless... edited versions of anything usually is pretty lame! :eek:
Has anyone seen the ad for Sex In The City coming to TBS in June? In one of the commercials for the series, there is some rock music playing that I have heard many times before, but cannot place. It sounds a little like Queen, and I cannot remember any lyrics right now. Can anyone help?

i've only seen one version of the commercials and i've also looked at the other threads on sex and the city on TBS, and it might be "history repeating" by the propellerheads feat. shirley that it?
Actually it is not "History Repeating", but thanks for your help. I just remembered a lyric: "I never seen nothing like you-do you do you want my love." Ring a bell with anyone? Thanks.

ELO has a song that says "do ya, do ya want my love." It's called "Do Ya" off of their album "a New World Record."

It's the 2nd track on this best of cd.
I just saw another commercial on TBS with some electronic sounding music and cannot place it but I know I've heard it before. Any clues?
i am also interested in this little techno number.

it has female vocals, and the only lyric used in the commercial is "you know that's what i like"
yea, this is definitely that shirley bassey/propellerheads song, "history repeating"
yeah, one version of the ad uses 'History Repeating'.... but the techno number these people are talking about is a different ad.

i put up a crude mp3 of the ad here.

hope somebody recognizes the song. it's quite catchy!
(i can see the roxbury guys dancing to it... :lol: :lol: )
Im just kinda bumping this one, hoping someone might know the name of that non-bassey techno tune in that commercial. It keeps coming on and I really want to know the name of that song.


*It might be a Jakatta (David Lee) track, sounds alot like his style.
On an off note, the extended version of the ad (easily 2 minutes), with the full song (of History Repeating) is very well put together.

Still trauling for the other song though.
hey i havent been able to find the remix but the song is Love and Affection by Joan Armatrading. I've been obsessing over it...and had the song on a CD somewhere but can't I do know its the song ur looking for just finding that mix is proving to be a problem.