1. F

    May I ask what was the soundtrack to Martin's memorial service in Season 19, Episode 14 of The Simpsons

    May I ask what was the soundtrack to Martin's memorial service in Season 19, Episode 14 of The Simpsons?

    The Orville

    Hi everyone! Does someone know the cue used hefre? pls =)
  3. K

    Fox NFL SUNDAY 2005

    The commercial starts :30 into this vid. It's a bass guitar solo that plays. The Commercial first aired in 2005 and it has been stuck in my head for over 10 years. Today after 2 hours of searching I found it. I'm hoping someone knows the songs or the band name that made this song. Does anyone know?
  4. sonic43

    Lethal Weapon

  5. M

    Women's World Cup Fox Sports

    What exactly is the song that has been playing in some of their review segments? Can be heard in some of these below: First 5 seconds of this video: Throughout this video: Throughout the coverage of the World Cup final as well. Sounds like there is a woman singing in it, but she just sings...
  6. Q

    The Frankenstein Code

    What is all the music used?
  7. R

    Red Band Society

    Red Band Society, Ergo, Ego Episode, 11/5/14 There was a song playing when Kara has surgery, the others study and read, and nurse Jackson asks Charlie for a sign. The lyrics are: What used to feel like a symphony/scattered like a broken string of pearls/got stuck in a frequency/a megaphone...
  8. W

    Fox Sports 1 MLB

    Does anyone know the name of the cue used in this promo.
  9. T


    Anyone know the song they used on this trailer? :(
  10. bogzay


    Anyone know the music ?
  11. J

    Gang Related

    I'm guessing the name of the song is "Game Over". Does anyone know the artist?
  12. D

    American Dad

    American Dad Season 9 Episode 6 "Independent Movie" I know the other two song by Dawes and Delta Spirit but what is the music (btw its a sad piano music) played when Steve hitches a ride with a trucker to catch Snot's father funeral and plays this melo, sad piano music; I can't seem to find any...
  13. sonic43

    24 Live Another Day

  14. J

    The Following

    Veeeeeery slow "Obsession" Hi, Has anyone heard (and hopefully identified!) the very, very, mega-slow version of the song "Obsession" that is currently being used in a commercial? I was so (over)confident I could track it down, I didn't make note of what company/product the original ad was...
  15. J

    Sleepy Hollow

    Hey everyone, Saw this ad and trying to figure out what the song that is used. I'll keep looking but if anyone has any ideas that would be great. Thanks
  16. K

    2010 Fox Fall preview

    I'm searching for the song/beat for the fox fall preview commercials in 2010. It was made by a current popular dj. Please help.
  17. V

    So You Think You Can Dance Season 10

    I've searched and searched but maybe I am not wording it right.... I am trying to find a website that lists ALL (or any) of the songs played in Season 10 of "So You Think You Can Dance". Hopefully, I will be able to find the title listings of the songs as each episode goes by. Does anyone know?
  18. daemon.trances

    American Idol Season 12

    Hi guys! So I was watching the X-Factor when this for American Idol's new season came on. I don't like American Idol but I like the music playing in the background. Could anyone help? The lyrics sound like: "run to the light, the wonderful light (life?) Open my eyes it's a wonderful life...
  19. L

    Glee Season 3

    During the most recent episode, Dance With Somebody, there was piano music playing in the background for a few seconds in the scene where Kurt and Blaine were having their "couple's counseling" in Emma's office. It has played before in many different episodes of Glee, and I'm just wondering if...
  20. M

    New Girl

    Hello, anyone know the name of the song 14:10 into the show New Girl (Episode 10, Story of the 50). It plays in the background when Jess is on the microphone. thanks