1. N

    The X-Factor

    I have heard the this song several times now in The X Factor USA when they come back from commerials or introduce someone. It's good but I have no idea what its name is. A little help, please? It starts when Simon presents Rachel Crow: Thanks!
  2. C

    Family Guy Season 9

    Does anyone know what song this is? The music starts at 4:48 of the scene. Thanks
  3. W

    Fox World Cinema

    Anyone seen this preview? The music is amazing. I tried using soundhound, but no success. Here it is on youtube. If anyone can find out who it's by I would be very grateful.
  4. K

    The X-Factor

    Does anyone recognize the bg song in this commercial? The Final 10 Perform LIVE on WED 11/16 at 8/7c! - THE X FACTOR 2011 - YouTube I feel like it's an X-ray Dog song but I can't seem to find it...Any suggestions?
  5. C


    :DHey guys! Kiefer is back with this amazing serie. Need your help. This theme song is driving me crazy song starting at 1:17 Thanks
  6. A

    Fox Fall lineup

    Hi, I heard this song all summer, it's a commercial for the Fox fall lineup of 2011. All I can really hear is: Come on, Come on, I won't let you I can't be certain that those are the lyrics, all I'm sure about is that they do say, "Come on, come on" in the beginning. It's a very autotune...
  7. Qorx

    Terra Nova

    On Wed Aug 10, 2011 when So You Think You Can Dance was on, it was a girl singing 'possible' 'possible' near at the end of the commercial. Song name and girl? Thanks
  8. J

    American Dad Season 5

    I recently watched an episode from Season 5 (I think) and recall hearing a house/r&b beat in the background during a scene where I think Stan was sneaking around...doing something. Maybe in Steve's room? I'm sorry but I was falling asleep at the time. I just remember really liking the music and...
  9. K

    Bones Season 6

    So I don't watch Bones too often so I'm not sure what season or what episode was it.. But the song was sang from a female singer and it started to play when a girl in a hospital bed said something like "just tell them the surgery didn't work" or something similar to that.. Thanks!!
  10. J

    So You Think You Can Dance Season 8

    During House tonight (4/18/11), they played a commercial for the new season of SYTYCD. It had Mary in it, wearing a pink dress and dancing to a samba/salsa-type song. Anyone know that song?
  11. K

    House Season 7

    In Episode 7x16 Out of the Chute, the opening song is This Night by Black Lab and the song at the end is My Body is a Cage by Arcade Fire.
  12. T

    The Simpsons Season 22

    When Lisa walks into the desert there is a piece of music, xylophone I think. Very familiar, but for the life of me I can't place it. Does anyone know what it is?
  13. D

    American Dad Season 6

    Episode 12 "You Debt Your Life" At the very start of the episode Roger (dressed as a woman) is dancing in front of a bunch of pinball machines whilst a bouncer tells him to get out of the bar. I'd like to know what music is being played during this part in the background. Female vocals. Seems...
  14. N

    Fox "Pass It On" shows

    Hi, What is the song in the commercial that aired during the 2011 Super Bowl with characters from BONES, House, Fringe, Glee, etc... throwing a football from screen to screen. Short tune, piano playing, female singing "Oh, ah, Oh" and some hip-hop phrase "Check it out"?? This is it on YouTube...
  15. M

    American Idol Season 10

    I just heard a song on American Idol and I have to know who sings it!! Can anyone tell me? It was on during the part when JLo couldn't say no to anyone and the lyrics were "say no" or something like that. Does anyone know who it is? I need to get it on iTunes NOWWWWW! Thanks:D
  16. S

    NFL Fox Journey to the Superbowl

    Does anybody remember this amazing introduction at the beginning of the NFL season on Fox? -Is this an actual song/score piece from a movie, or was it manufactured specifically for the intro?
  17. N

    Fox "So Fox" promo

    Hello, Fox TV had a promo featuring its 2010 TV shows, which has a lineup of House MD, Fringe, Bones, Simpsons, etc. Can anyone tell me What is the background music? And where can I get it? THank you! Here's the promo--
  18. R

    2010 MLB Postseason on FOX

    This month FOX has been doing promos of the 2010 Major League Baseball Playoffs using an orchestra version of "Dream On" by Aerosmith. I'm really wondering where this came from, I'm really interested in finding this!
  19. I

    Lone Star

    I was wondering if anybody knows the soundtrack to the commercial for Fox TV's new show Lone Star.
  20. mrwurm

    Raising Hope

    What is the song starting at 1:22 in this trailer?