1. ally82

    So You Think You Can Dance Season 7

    Not sure if this should go under "Commercials", but I am trying to find the song from an ad for SYTYCD that I saw a few times last night. I tried to listen for the lyrics but it's always talked over. The best I could come up with is the word "dance" and a very distinctive (in sound only...
  2. S

    So You Think You Can Dance Season 7

    In Episode 1 (NYC/Miami Auditions), what was the instrumental song playing while Wadi Jones was doing parkour (before his actual audition)? It was about 50 minutes into the episode. I've heard it before and have always wondered what it is. It has piano but also machine-like sounds.
  3. B

    Fox Movie Channel kissing

    What is the name of the song in the commercial for Fox Movie Channel airing lately? The commercial opens with a scene from Princess Bride with Peter Falk and Fred Savage followed by scenes of screen kisses in the films A Walk in the Clouds, Romancing the Stone, etc, etc.
  4. thehypnotoad

    The Simpsons Season 21

    In this episode, there was some solemn and gloomy music with no vocals when Homer is in France thinking of Marge. It also plays when the credits show up. I think its a trumpet or a sax, something like that. I'm not sure what it is but it sounds good. Does anyone know the song by any chance?
  5. T

    American Idol Season 9

    Hey guys! So this song i'm wondering about was actually playing in the background when they told the guy whose parents are from africa he made it to hollywood. it's driving me crazy i can't remember what it's called. very tribal sounding, idk let me know if you happen to know what it is please?
  6. this4lyn

    Human Target

    Hello. Last night I saw a commercial for the new show Human Target that airs on the FOX Network and I heard this sweet song in it that I did not recognize. The lyrics were something to the effect of "bad boys bad boys" (no it's not the COPS theme). The vocals sounded male and the song fast a...
  7. G

    American Idol Season 9

    Saw commercial for it during Simpsons 11/29/09. Who is singing in it?
  8. T

    Family Guy Season 8

    Hey all, what song is at 19:26 in Ep.3 spies reminiscent of us of season 8?
  9. B

    Bones Season 5

    Hey, guys! Since the episode aired I've been desperate to find out what piece was used in the end credits of the episode around 43:23. If anyone knows, I would really appreciate it if you'd let me know.
  10. K

    House Season 6

    What was the song playing during the last scene of tonight's House?
  11. P

    So You Think You Can Dance Season 6

    there are 2 songs, the first one was during the monologue of a contemporary dancer named Mollee Gray, the singer of the song kinda sounded like norah jones, there were lyrics, but i didn't get a chance to write them down, maybe some one saw it and knows what it is.................. the second...
  12. F

    So You Think You Can Dance Season 6

    Just saw a commercial for the new season of So You Think You Can Dance that had a cover of Kris Kross' Jump. Anyone know who did this cover?
  13. G

    That's So Fox

    Started seeing it today. Advertises for House, Glee Club, other shows. Has that David Cooke sound (American Idol 07). Anybody help with this?
  14. K

    Fox May Promo

    anyone know what music is in the Fox may promo ?
  15. Jenny

    So You Think You Can Dance Season 5

    Anyone know the song from the very first audition?
  16. evansls

    Glee Season 1

    in the new tv show, glee, that aired after american idol tonight, there was a very soft piano instrumental tune that was playing in the background when Will Schuester (the glee teacher) was talking to Emma Pillsbury (the other teacher / red hair) about his passion for singing after she showed...
  17. K


    so you know that new show on ABC (i think) that's starting soon? well there's like an a capella or all female version of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" and i was wondering if anyone knows who does it?
  18. Glockorola

    Prison Break Season 4

    In the Series Finale of "Prison Break," there is a final scene 4 years in the future where the major characters and Michael Jr. are meeting at Michael's grave site. A very haunting song is playing, I think it says "Lay It Down Easy," or something to that effect. Anyone know the name and artist...
  19. S

    So You Think You Can Dance Season 5

    Anyone know the song in the ad? Hip hop, male vocals, some lyrics: "Dance dance dance Come on".
  20. R

    Sit Down, Shut Up

    I was wondering what the song is that was played when the PE coach was telling the principal about how bad the students on the sports teams are.