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    Dark Angel

    In the Summer of 2000 before FOX premiered DARK ANGEL (Jessica Alba) , there were these promos with various scenes. There was the a female voice in an opera-type song. Does any one know that song's title?
  2. M

    Family Guy Season 2

    family guy season 2 anyone know the song that was the episode where brian the dog finds out he was in love with the mom? it was the part where he was explaining some dream in space bubble thing. the song went like this "....i'm all out of love and i'm lost without you.." thanks in advance
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    The Simpsons Season 3

    In The Simpsons, episode 8F06 (Lisa's Pony), Homer embarks in a dream in which he visits Slumberland. There is a song in it that has always caught my ears. Is it a real song that I could download, or buy, or is it a song that Alf Clausen just created?
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    Hi all this has been bugging me for ages now, i have been trying to find the music off the 24 season 3 trailer any clue would be a big help thanks monkey :blink:
  5. R

    American Idol Season 3

    can anybody tell me the names of the songs that the contestants had to choose from when they were in groups of 3? i think it was like 3 different songs for the girls and 3 for the boys
  6. J

    NFL on FOX

    Michael Vick is shown scrambling all over the field, and in the background there is a hip hop song playing. I can't really describe it, except to say it was cool. Was anyone watching? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Z

    Family Guy Season 3

    Hey a question for currently looking for a song that was played in the background on an episode of Family's the episode where Lois and Meg went to spring break and they both get up on stage and start the background theres a song playing....a rock...
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    The O.C. Season 1

    Any one know the song Luke and ryan were playing in the mustang just before lukes dad made out with another man?? Kind of goes "Call her on the telephone, shes not there" Thanks