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Hi all this has been bugging me for ages now, i have been trying to find the music off the 24 season 3 trailer

any clue would be a big help

thanks monkey :blink:
Good Morning,
I was wondering if anyone knows the piece of music that was played in the background of the early previews for 24: Season 3 in 2003. I don’t know much about the preview anymore because I had a HD crash and lost the commercial. I do however have a .wmv sample that I recorded of the music.

The voice-over (Fox Announcer)

"The first wave of attack will be terror”
(Jack Bauer: "I think the coliseum might have been infected”)
(Other: "You are looking at a global disaster”)
“The last line of defense, will be him”
(Jack Bauer “Just do it now”)
Kiefer Sutherland, 24, the season premiere at nine this Tuesday on Fox”
Presented without commercial interruption by the next Ford 150”

Fast paced brass, trumpets & horns
Big Bass Drums in the background
And a Hammer & metal disc, “CLANG” “CLANG” Mason like but dark

Any and all sugestions are welcomed.
I was wondering how that message got to the top of the page. Thx Michelle

Looks like I'm not going to figure this one out.
24: Season 5 ad

In the 24: Season 5 trailer there is a song playing in the background. There are no lyrics just music. TIA!!!
24 Promo on Fox

The 24 promo was on during the football game. I've heard it before. Can anyone help me out? What's the song?
I actually just registered in order to ask about that song. Can someone help us out?

The commercial was on a few times after the game too.
I want to know too, it is sung by a male with lyrics something like, "na na na na na, say that I want you, na na na na na say that I need you"
hey A&E is running episodes of 24 and they are running a promo that has ahard rock riff behind it. It says things like "a time to hope". I looked for a link but don't have one so if anyone can help it would be great.
Originally posted by Quagmire@Dec 18 2005, 07:37 PM
"Club Foot" by Kasabian?
Available on their self titled album, "Kasabian," track 1. Also available for download from .
I am new here because you guys seem to be able to help me. The show 24 has a new season coming and the commercial that plays has a song that I wanna find. The vocals are kinda as follows.

na nana na na... all that I want to..... na nana na na all that I feel you (approximate lyrics)

Its a rock type song and from what I can tell is a rather new release

what is that song that is played during the commerical for the premier of season 5 of 24???? it starts out with a guitar riff, and then a girl singing....PLEASE HELP

i have also heard the song on i think crimial minds or csi.....