1. sonic43

    24 Live Another Day

  2. S

    24 Redemption

    There is a song that sounds like an orchestra that kicks in right as the president addresses the nation and after the duct tape scene. I have heard this alot, but cannot find out what it is. Here is the link: http://www.fox.com/24/trailer/
  3. R

    24 CTU Rookie sponsored by Degree

    Degree CTU Rookie It is the CTU Rookie commericial and It is really a review, showing various clips, not a story. A male vocal, and a ballad-ish guitar.
  4. pylorns

    24 Season 6

    Towards the end of tonights 1/15/2007 episode there was some background music with a woman singing in another language.. maybe arabic? I've heard the music before but I can't place it. Anyone else hear it?
  5. Q

    24 Season 1

    Hiya... I'm desperately seeking a song from 24 Season 1.The song is played in the first 5 mins of the episode 1 when jack and teri go into Kimberly's room to check on her...it's kind of a pop,alternative rock song...and doesn't seem like sean calley creation. Would be glad if any1 can help...
  6. R

    24 Season 5

    I'm wondering if its a real song or if its something composed by Sean Callery. In the episode its where Collette is captured and Theo is driving away and the chip jack gave him self destructs. Its a cool slow rock song.
  7. D

    24 Season 4

    Does anyone have a clue as to what Debbie's ringtone is? I have a feeling it was created for the show, but I can't find definite info about it. It was annoying, but also familiar. Thanks in advance!
  8. M


    Hi all this has been bugging me for ages now, i have been trying to find the music off the 24 season 3 trailer any clue would be a big help thanks monkey :blink: