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I'm desperately seeking a song from 24 Season 1.The song is played in the first 5 mins of the episode 1 when jack and teri go into Kimberly's room to check on her...it's kind of a pop,alternative rock song...and doesn't seem like sean calley creation.
Would be glad if any1 can help.
Thanks in advance.
there is a song playing in the backround of franks house before the cops come in for the under cover bust, I believe it's episode 19 (6pm-7pm). It's an alternative rock song, that I've been trying to place for weeks, I could really use some help. The lyrics in the chorus go something like "run away, live again".

any help with finding this track or simply the band would be greatly appreciated.

Hey thanks for your reply, but that wasn't the song I was thinking of, I know it was playing at some point during the scenes in the house, but maybe it wasn't right before the cop came in, I left my boxsets in canada, its driving me mad, I've been looking all over the net for this tune, but can't find it anywhere!
k, now i just feel like a dick, cuz thats not the song either, I love Sigur Ros though, they are one of my favourite bands, but its more like a grungy post rock tune, with a younger sounding male vocalist, man i wish I had my DVD here so I could tell you excatly when its playing...

thanks for trying to help though, man
k I checked out my DVD and its Season 1 Episode 19 (6-7pm) at 30min30sec right when the cops knock on the door if anyone can tell me whn this band is I'll be FOREVER grateful.

cheers guys