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Does anyone have a clue as to what Debbie's ringtone is? I have a feeling it was created for the show, but I can't find definite info about it.

It was annoying, but also familiar.

Thanks in advance!
Haven't figured out the music, but if you call her cell phone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx), you get a message from someone saying "Thanks for watching 24."

Edit to remove phone number, in case it really does belong to a crew member of the show. ;)
From tvguide:

Question: What was the song on Debbie's ringtone on 24? It was a big part of the show and I could not recognize it. — Mike

Ausiello: That's because it's an original tune penned by the show's composer, Sean Callery. Speaking of which, Fox — taking a page from Scrubs' phone book — says more than 50,000 viewers called the number shown on Deb's cell and found themselves talking to actual cast members, including Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe)! Turns out the digits belong to a 24 crew member.
Thanks, Leone. That's what I was afraid of.

Being a huge "Scrubs" fan as well, I called that number in hopes of getting "Ted" or "The Todd", but just got a recorded message.

Then I realized, "Hey, I'm 31."

Oh well, it's good they'll never have a phone number to display on "Lost", cause then I'd be in trouble. Of course, there's always "Arrested Development".

Thanks again for the closure!