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In the Summer of 2000 before FOX premiered DARK ANGEL (Jessica Alba) , there were these promos with various scenes. There was the a female voice in an opera-type song. Does any one know that song's title?
Originally posted by omega dead@May 26 2004, 07:27 PM
Beautiful--that's the song. Thank you. :)
No problem.

Which song was it -- "Escape" or "Tonight and the Rest of My Life"? :)
What's the song at the end of every Dark Angel show?

It's called 'bicycle ride' by the show's composer, Joel McNeely

unfortunately, you can't buy the show's score.
I just saw the Dark Angel marathon yesterday so I'm really interested in who does the vocals for the theme song and for some of the action sequences. I've looked everywhere & cannot find it! Please help! FYI-Chuck D. & Gary G-Wiz did the theme song
I was looking 4 who did the vocals of the Dark Angel theme song & i requested it recently but nobody replied so i looked a little harder & found(99% sure) it on answers.com in the James Cameron Dark Angel video game "section."
Her name's Zenobia Salik-she's on myspace just 2 letuknow.
When the episode is ending and Max and Joshua are walking during Halloween and the episode ends, what is the song that is playing?
Hi! New here, I was looking for a song used in the series Dark Angel when linked here. However, the song I wanted wasn't in it. I saw it on youtube but I couldn't find the artist or the title of the song.


If anybody can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.