National Geographic Human Footprint


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Hi all!

There are a number of songs I'm really wanting to know the names/composers of and I hope someone here can help.

These songs can be heard on the 24/7 weather TV network titled "Weatherscan", and were previously believed to be in-house production tracks. However, it was discovered that the National Geographic documentary "Human Footprint" contains many of these songs, which leads me to believe that they were indeed sourced from a production library.

Here are some of the songs I'm looking for:
identical to

identical to

(There are probably more that I am forgetting as well)

If anybody recognizes these songs or any of the songs heard in "Human Footprint" or Weatherscan (besides the Trammell Starks and Jack Mascari tracks), please let me know. I've been dying to find out the composer of these songs for quite some time and this forum is probably my only hope. Thank you!!