American Idol Season 3


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can anybody tell me the names of the songs that the contestants had to choose from when they were in groups of 3? i think it was like 3 different songs for the girls and 3 for the boys
I'm pretty sure I remember one of the boys's songs being Billy Joel "Tell Her About It", the one no one could remember the words to.
The girls had "Young Hearts Run Free", not sure who the original is but I think it might've been Candi Staton, and I THINK also "Proud Mary", probably the Tina Turner version, but I'm not positive that that was one of the songs..
I can't remember any others..
I remember the guys had:

Rick Astley, "Never Gonna Give You Up"
Billy Joel... can't remember song
3rd one... clueless on song or artist

Girls had:
Diana Ross/Supremes... can't remember song
Vonda Shepard, "Tell Him"
3rd one... again, no clue on song or artist

Maybe some of that will help you. Do you remember a song in particular, any lyrics? We could help you identify songs off lyrics...
Definitely "Young Hearts Run Free" was another... Now I'm not so sure about a Supremes song -- I just remember Seacrest making a comment like "Sorry to the Supremes..."

And, the last boy song I can't remember was some song about "Up on the Roof" -- never heard it before though...
You know, for some reason I'm thinking The Supremes "You Can't Hurry Love" was also one, maybe for the girls.. but then I could be imagining all these songs. I'm positive one of the girls's songs is "Young Hearts Run Free" and one boys's songs was something by Billy Joel, fairly positive it's "Tell Her About It".. anyway, check em out. Hope that helps..
Thanks for all the help! I think the song I was mainly interested in was "Young Hearts Run Free". I thought it was a really good song.
Yeah, that first group of girls to go, that sang "Young Hearts," was really good. I liked the blonde-head with the short hair... She sounded impressive. :)
James Taylor sang "Up on the roof" but i think it was actually written by Carole King...

i don't really know anything about American Idol (besides its existence) so take my comment for what its worth...