american idol

  1. daemon.trances

    American Idol Season 12

    Hi guys! So I was watching the X-Factor when this for American Idol's new season came on. I don't like American Idol but I like the music playing in the background. Could anyone help? The lyrics sound like: "run to the light, the wonderful light (life?) Open my eyes it's a wonderful life...
  2. S

    American Idol Season 10

    anyone know the song played in the trailer (Star world asia) for American idol season 10 in which there is "don't give up..." in the chorus?
  3. M

    American Idol Season 10

    I just heard a song on American Idol and I have to know who sings it!! Can anyone tell me? It was on during the part when JLo couldn't say no to anyone and the lyrics were "say no" or something like that. Does anyone know who it is? I need to get it on iTunes NOWWWWW! Thanks:D
  4. T

    American Idol Season 9

    Hey guys! So this song i'm wondering about was actually playing in the background when they told the guy whose parents are from africa he made it to hollywood. it's driving me crazy i can't remember what it's called. very tribal sounding, idk let me know if you happen to know what it is please?
  5. G

    American Idol Season 9

    Saw commercial for it during Simpsons 11/29/09. Who is singing in it?
  6. S

    American Idol Season 8

    there was a song on tonite like in the little montage of motivational singers or something. I forget lyrics but I know the artist was Hinder..
  7. S

    American Idol Season 8

    the background track, kinda sounds like the (male) singer is saying "before long..." in the chorus, but maybe not. Thanks.
  8. H

    American Idol Season 7

    the song that played at the end of tonights american played in the background and it was a choir song
  9. M

    American Idol Season 6

    Dose anyone know who did the cover of ABBA's dancing queen featured at the end of american idol? Sounds like a emo rock version
  10. R

    American Idol Season 5

    What was the name of the song tonight on American Idol. The song was sung by a girl who's aunt was a famous singer. I want to know the second song that she sang for the judges. I would also like to know the original artist of the song.
  11. S

    American Idol Season 5

    There is a new American Idol commercial looking back on the past years and saying how successful it's been and advertising their newest season. In the background there's a song playing, I didn't get all the lyrics. I did hear "tonight" was in there and it was sung by a guy. Anyone could let...
  12. D

    American Idol Season 4

    Does anyone know where I find a copy of this (to buy legally, of course)? I haven't found it on iTunes, Amazon or All Music Guide. I know it was written by Cathy Dennis, but I can't find any albums on which it appears. I desperately need a copy, so if anyone can point me in the right...
  13. R

    American Idol Season 3

    can anybody tell me the names of the songs that the contestants had to choose from when they were in groups of 3? i think it was like 3 different songs for the girls and 3 for the boys