American Idol Season 12

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Hi guys!

So I was watching the X-Factor when this
for American Idol's new season came on. I don't like American Idol but I like the music playing in the background. Could anyone help?

The lyrics sound like:

"run to the light,
the wonderful light (life?)
Open my eyes
it's a wonderful life (light?)
it's a wonderful life (light?)"

Help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!
I listened to the extracted audio on repeat (I made all the judge's speaking parts karaoke and left the rest alone) and came up with new, hopefully more correct lyrics.

"Run to the light,
the wonderful life (light?)...

Open our eyes,
it's a wonderful life...

It's a wonderful life"

Could anyone PLEASE help? Me and a whole bunch of other youtubers are looking for this song and we'd really appreciate it if someone could find it! Please?
Re: American Idol season 12 promo

Could someone tell me what song is used in this promo? I thought I heard the words "This is the day of days."