South Beach Tow


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Hello, I've been searching for a particular techno song for a few years now, but could never find a clip of it to base anything on, to maybe find the title and artist. I remember hearing it on a Pokemon commercial, on an episode of MTV Cribs, and now on a few episodes of South Beach Tow. I ripped a 15 second clip of the music from the beginning of the episode "Stranded", which I believe is season 2 episode 7. The music goes on for a little longer, but it gets lowered from people talking, but its pretty much the same beat. Also, the waves splashing in the background aren't part of the music. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
One thing to keep in mind is since you've heard it used in several different places it is likely a licensed track from a stock production music library.
Well you could be right. I'm not sure if it would make a difference, but I think I remember hearing part of it on the radio a long time ago. I tried a couple of song recognition apps like Tunatic, to see if it would recognize anything, but no luck so far.